Key Economic Sectors

The City of Maricopa attracts and retains world-class talent, offering companies such as yours a uniquely skilled and highly qualified workforce that is fully prepared to meet the talent demands of disciplines across leading industries including technology, agribusiness, autonomous mobility and advanced manufacturing.

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Information Technology & IoT

Maricopa is particularly well-suited to support Arizona’s burgeoning IT industry. Sixty-two percent of the city’s labor force are employed in professional jobs, including business operations, finance and IT.

Agribusiness & Agriculture Technology

Maricopa is home to several agricultural and dairy operations, and also two leading research institutions, both of which are conducting cutting-edge research in the agricultural sciences, water conservation and management, and food safety and production.

Autonomous Mobility


The State of Arizona is home to a highly concentrated and growing automotive and engineering industry and Maricopa has a ready workforce of professionals that directly supports the autonomous mobility industry.

Professional & Technical Services

As the city’s population continues to grow, professional service firms in the legal, finance and insurance fields, as well as in the construction-related industry, have blossomed in Maricopa. 

Healthcare & MedTech


Maricopa is committed to building a healthcare community that can service the growing needs of its many young families and expanding retiree population.