A Peek Over The Fence: Maricopa is Building a Bright Future (Volume 8)

MARICOPA, AZ – June 11, 2020

Contractors, developers, and small business owners have been utilizing our existing virtual services to ensure that their projects continue on schedule! Maricopa continues to ensure work gets done while still being responsible and following public health guidelines and instructions. Below is a recap of only some of the exciting single family residential projects happening around our city. Visit the City of Maricopa, Arizona–Government Facebook page for the latest in project updates.

Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage, just outside the center of Maricopa, has surpassed 25% capacity. Recent home-builders include DR Horton and Richmond American Homes. Rancho Mirage has all of the standard community amenities for residents to enjoy, with some extras that are unique to the subdivision.

On the lake at the entrance to the neighborhood you will find a walkout pier with water features. There are currently 568 built homes with 1,568 planned, for a total of 2,136.

Santa Rosa Springs

Located off the Maricopa Casa Grande Highway across from Walmart, Santa Rosa Springs offers beautiful mountain views, covered playgrounds, a basketball court, and a scenic walking trail for residents to enjoy. This subdivision is the southern-most development along MCG Highway that has started construction.

The homes built in Santa Rosa Springs are constructed with noise-reducing insulation so residents do not notice the nearby train tracks. There are currently 638 built homes with 150 planned, for a total of 788.

Palo Brea

Palo Brea is one of Maricopa’s smaller subdivisions, but you would not know it by their amenity list. From paths for walking, jogging, and biking, to basketball courts and even sand volleyball, there are plenty of recreation opportunities.

Palo Brea is also one of the only subdivisions that are directly adjacent to the Copper Sky Recreation Complex. There are currently 239 built homes with 286 planned, for a total of 525.


With only 65 remaining lots, Alterra is almost complete. More than 90% of the neighborhood has been completed as incoming residents admire the playgrounds, BBQ areas, and other amenities for Alterra residents.

Directly across from Copper Sky and just north of Ak-Chin, this subdivision is located in a prime spot if you want recreation opportunities on your doorstep. There are currently 940 built homes with 65 planned, for a total of 1,005.