City’s New Website Makes it Easy to Experience Maricopa

MARICOPA, AZ – October 15, 2019

Do you know which subdivisions are at full build-out? Or do you know when street sweepers clean your neighborhood? What about what projects are currently under construction, or potential development opportunities?

Maricopa Maps are your tool to knowing anything and everything about Maricopa. Maps and charts make the information easy to understand, and help you make informed decisions – or just learn more about Maricopa! Many of the Maricopa Maps are interactive. The content of the maps changes often, and new maps are in development – so be sure to check back in and see what has changed. From zoning to FEMA and everything in between, explore all available Maricopa Maps via the link on this page.

At the City of Maricopa, we have a lot of Very Important People pursuing some Very Important Projects. And for our VIPs to complete their VIPs, we have gone paperless using the Maricopa VIP Portal – your resource to report concerns, schedule inspections, print and apply for permits, pay fees, upload plans, and track your project. While we are still here to assist if you need it, the VIP Portal allows you to accomplish everything from the comfort of your home or office. Before you get started applying for a permit, be sure to check out our tutorial via the link on this page.

Everything you will need to proceed throughout the Development Services process can be done at the Maricopa VIP Portal – click the link on this page to get started. We encourage you to explore the new site and see what other tools and resources we have to offer.