A Peek Over The Fence: Maricopa is Building a Bright Future (Volume 2)

MARICOPA, AZ – April 22, 2020

Contractors, developers, and small business owners have been utilizing our existing virtual services to ensure that their projects continue on schedule! Maricopa continues to ensure work gets done while still being responsible and following public health guidelines and instructions. Below is a recap of only some of the exciting projects happening around our city. Visit the City of Maricopa, Arizona – Government Facebook page for the latest in project updates.

Pinal County Complex

The new Pinal County Complex will provide much-needed space for Pinal County to provide services to Maricopa residents and visitors. With more than 40,000 square feet and providing an estimated 150 jobs, the new development will be a welcome addition to our community. While under construction, existing services will be provided in an adjacent modular building.


Nearly ready to open its doors, the new AAMCO will be the first phase completed of Madison Pointe – followed by a new self storage facility. Western agrarian design elements complement the surrounding Heritage District, continuing the tradition of building a sense of place while offering needed goods and services to our growing community.

Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway Improvements

One of the biggest transportation updates happening this year, the widening of Maricopa-Case Grande Highway, will improve traffic flow to the area between White and Parker Road and Porter Road. This improvement is coming on the tail of the 347 overpass, reducing drive times across Maricopa.

Fire and Medical Administration Building

The newest addition to Maricopa’s list of City facilities is nearing completion. At over 11,000 square feet, the administration building will be home to the administrative staff where the budget, fire prevention, logistics, and other aspects of the department are planned accordingly to the needs of the city. The building has been designed to Heritage District design guidelines, developing an architectural theme for the area. Check on progress here.