A Peek Over The Fence: Maricopa is Building a Bright Future (Volume 10)

MARICOPA, AZ – June 25, 2020

Contractors, developers, and small business owners have been utilizing our existing virtual services to ensure that their projects continue on schedule! Maricopa continues to ensure work gets done while still being responsible and following public health guidelines and instructions. Below is a recap of only some of the exciting transportation and public works projects happening around our city. Visit the City of Maricopa, Arizona–Government Facebook page for the latest in project updates.

Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway Improvements

One of the biggest transportation projects happening this year, the widening of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway will improve traffic flow between Porter Road and White and Parker Road. This improvement comes on the tail of the John Wayne Parkway overpass, reducing drive times across the City of Maricopa.

These improvements are now complete and will reduce congestion as residential and commercial development continues along this corridor.

Honeycutt / White and Parker Traffic Light

A new traffic light is being installed at Honeycutt Road and White and Parker Road, replacing the existing stop sign. As this intersection is expected to receive an increase in traffic passing through it each day, the new traffic light installed by the City of Maricopa will help cars pass through quickly, getting Maricopans where they need to go.

Honeycutt Road Resurfacing

Honeycutt Road is receiving some tender love and care, making sure it is capable of handling the thousands of cars that drive Honeycutt Road daily. With Tortosa and Rancho Mirage continuing to build and expand, the City wants to ensure residents have a smooth ride to or from their homes.

As the new public library is coming to City Center in early 2021 and commercial offerings begin to expand, Honeycutt Road will be in tip-top shape for the additional non-residential trips that begin to develop along this east-west corridor. These improvements connect to the new traffic light at Honeycutt Road and White and Parker Road.

Main Street

Maricopa Townsite, the historic area of Maricopa in the northeast corner of the John Wayne Parkway and Mercado Street, has recently undergone some street name changes. The area now includes the street names Heritage Lane, Cesar Chavez Lane, and Stage Coach Lane, with Main Street running from Honeycutt Road to Mercado Street.

Main Street will soon have some new pavement to match its’ new name, as infrastructure improvements are starting to take place.